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masculine raw material sets

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The goal in mind: Discovery sets selected by raw material.

Ordered from top to bottom: Fresh, lighter notes first, then becoming more complex and powerful.

Five of the best, most innovative and unusual fragrances in the world. Curated by our fragrance experts in Berlin, soon at your home. Order with just one click, look forward to it. Find your new favorite fragrance!


A huge palette of over 20,000 known raw materials forms the basis for each perfume. Some raw materials have made it to general fame and triggered entire fragrance trends. Well-known examples are musk or rose, as well as spices, resins and roots, which are processed into unique fragrance compositions. Thanks to the diversity of raw materials and countless possible combinations, new and unique fragrances are created every time. Here, too, there is actually no division according to gender, but predominantly floral raw materials are more recommended for women’s fragrances.

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