Our masculine Discovery sets

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Occasion, personality, fragrance note? Or by raw material after all?

Choose what you feel like or what you want to be surprised by. One mouse click is all it takes.

our SeleCtIon CRitIeratIonS

Our masculine Discovery Sets are curated specifically for men.
Here you can choose according to occasion, personality type, fragrance note or raw material.

What do we mean by masculine fragrances?
Actually, perfumes were and are basically unisex: Allowed is who it and what pleases.

However, in the last 70 to 80 years, thanks to the commercialization of the perfume market, some unwritten laws have been learned by consumers: predominantly floral fragrances, as well as fruity-sweet notes are rather not for men! Instead, masculine fragrances are usually tart, fresh, woody, spicy and earthy, but can also contain a slight sweetness. It’s also important that masculine fragrances make a statement rather than being playful and cheerful.

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