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The fragrance experts Geza Schön (Escentric Molecules) and Thorsten Biehl (Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke)

The Perfume Collective

Our mission
We are the contemporary stage for the world’s most creative perfumes – with radically easy access to the diversity of niche perfumery online. And we offer a compelling way to experience and discover these scents: in your own home. Exquisite variety, intense experiences, the best of two worlds. The Perfume Collective.

Discover new originals. Uncover future classics. At home.

The most creative perfumers. The most unusual perfumes. Relaxed at home to make the decision for a fragrance: Only The Perfume Collective offers that.

The Perfume Collective is the online perfumery that brings niche fragrances to fragrance lovers’ homes with its innovative, distinctive multi-brand Discovery Sets.

Each Multibrand Discovery Set is a thematic collection. Each set is compiled by fragrance experts according to various criteria: by gender, by raw materials and fragrances, by occasion, mood, season or even location.

The selection is made online and with just a few targeted questions; a set includes five fragrance samples from different labels and compact information about each of the fragrances and arrives at your house by mail.

The best of both worlds. A new approach to top perfumery

The Perfume Collective bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar retail and online perfumery. It fulfills the desire of fragrance lovers to discover unusual, new, radical scents. It allows to test these fragrances pure, without distraction and relaxed for a long time at home.

At the same time, The Perfume Collective creates a new approach to Artistic Perfumery: with handpicked and innovative labels far from the mainstream, selected with a profound knowledge of brands, fragrances and ingredients. And with a service that has never been possible in this form before, either in retail or online.

The result: exclusive diversity, intense experiences. No bad purchases, no disappointments. Just the pure pleasure of the scent.

Above all the fragrance. In the background the expertise

The Perfume Collective was founded to give the world’s best niche fragrances a new platform – and fragrance lovers the opportunity to discover these creations. The Perfume Collective is the brainchild of some of the most recognized experts, makers and lovers of the art of perfume:

Thorsten Biehl: Olfactory gallery owner, perfume artist, scent expert
Geza Schön: perfumer, entrepreneur, revolutionary of the fragrance industry
Sven Eric Moos: expert in olfactory marvels and their distributors
Dr. Florian Landrebe: lawyer, entrepreneur, fragrance lover
Ralph Merz: Conceptual Designer, Communication Designer, Creative Director

The Perfume Collective


We will be on vacation from December 22 to 31.

We will not ship orders during this time. We will process orders again on January 2, 2024.