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URBAN SCENTS is a symbiosis of two cities BERLIN & PARIS, two people MARIE & ALEXANDER URBAN and two passions FLYING & FUME ART.
Since 2014, the Berlin-based fragrance manufactory has been creating works of perfume art from exquisite raw materials that are full of emotional associations and interpret people, spaces or objects.

Founder team

Marie Urban Le Febvre, who has an exceptional sense of smell, wanted to become a perfumer from an early age. After studying chemistry and training at the ISPICA perfumery school in Versailles, she went on to work for major perfume houses, where she perfected the fine art of fragrance creation.

Since 2014, she has been creating fragrances for the Urban Scents collection as well as custom fragrances in her Berlin lab. In addition, she supports other brands with her creative potential and knowledge and dedicates herself to fragrance projects for exhibitions as well as science and research. Marie combines her classic perfume know-how with the unique spirit of vibrant multicultural Berlin in her fragrances.

“We created our perfume collection in line with our values…the inner and outer.” Their common passion, flying, brought them together and so was born the idea of their own perfume brand that stands for transparency, creativity and quality. Responsibility towards the environment and local producers is part of the DNA of URBAN SCENTS – by Marie & Alexander.

Lost Paradise

180,00  incl. VAT

Singular Oud

180,00  incl. VAT

Sensual Blend

180,00  incl. VAT

Here you can find the way to the Urban Scents website: www.urbanscents.de

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