Project Renegades

All for one and one for all!

Geza Schön, Mark Buxton and Bertrand Duchaufour bring danger and excitement to the world of perfume. It may look like the latest blockbuster from Quentin Tarantino – but it’s perfume! The three perfume heroes have teamed up as Project Renegades to bring danger and excitement to the world of fragrance. “Project Renegade is about letting your imagination run wild and not taking yourself too seriously,” says Geza, explaining the philosophy behind the collaboration. Mark adds, “I don’t think most fragrances are bold enough, and we want to be the ones to change that.”

For Bertrand, the goal of Project Renegades is nothing less than to be groundbreaking: “Project Renegades is not just edgy, it’s edgy.” The threesome playfully unleashed their creativity in three perfumes that you should definitely try. The elaborate packaging design is a bold mix of eccentric typography and psychedelic patterns – not least the bullet holes in the box. The bottles have small metal vignettes on the front, representing the avatars of the three renegades.

Bertrand Duchaufour

195,00  incl. VAT

Geza Schoen

195,00  incl. VAT

Mark Buxton

195,00  incl. VAT

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The Perfume Collective


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