Moth and rabbit

Moth and Rabbit is an experimental perfume brand founded in 2016 by Elke Filpes and Christian Choi in Berlin, with the goal of translating stories and emotions into olfactory products and experiences.

All of Moth and Rabbit’s work aims to create products with deeper meaning and value that contribute to human development and provide access to a deeper understanding of our society and smell in general. We believe that the creation of fragrances must begin with the search for new olfactory inspirations that expand the meaning and role that fragrances play in our lives, in order to create a new awareness of fragrances in the minds and hearts of modern consumers. The principles of transformation and reproduction, symbols of Moth and Rabbit, govern the way we produce and communicate scents. Extraordinary filmmakers, artists and personalities who tell unique stories through their work serve as inspiration for perfumers to transform extraordinary stories into extraordinary fragrances.

Moth and Rabbit designs perfumes using the highest quality materials available and a minimalist design approach with a touch of luxury and irony to create a new approach to modern luxury.

We believe that by taking a multi-sensory approach, we are able to create timeless products and endless stories that inspire and connect people around the world.

Love Exposure

135,00  incl. VAT


135,00  incl. VAT


135,00  incl. VAT

Blow Up

135,00  incl. VAT


135,00  incl. VAT

Single Man

135,00  incl. VAT

Here you can find the way to the website of Moth and Rabbit:

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