Mark Buxton Perfumes

The Manifesto

The creation of perfumes is like a wall, constantly being built … Again and again we add a stone … no matter what size or material … but in the end they all have their meaning … some crumble or disappear forever. The goal of the perfumer is to insert his special stone in this wall, a stone so unique that it will last forever … Creations should follow this desire to “contribute something unforgettable”.

The creator

He was born in England, grew up near Hamburg and fell in love with Paris 20 years ago. Mark Buxton is above all else a hedonist, a wine connoisseur, gifted cook, with a passion for antiques especially in the Art Nouveau style. Perfumer, creator, with more than 25 years of experience in the creation of fine fragrances, he worked with leading international fragrance houses. He designed fragrances for major luxury brands such as Givenchy, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Paco Rabanne, Lagerfeld, Burberrys, Cartier, Chopard, Ferré … His bold signature was discovered when he created the first fragrance of Comme des Garçons. After that, he quickly became known in the haute perfumery. Today, through his brand, wants to express and share with us his own creative universe.

The concept

The collection collects moments full of feelings as intense and pure as an artist’s notebook, an open book that is about the elements of his inspiration. Each fragrance is a simple story, a piece of life, a concentrate of sensations that gives feeling, memory and vivid sensory impressions … Translated into sensations, in fragrance notes each of these vibrations “floating and magical moments” like a standstill of time and space … and deeply understand that they are all shared and individually felt, lived … as if they were part of our sensory DNA.

Because perfume is emotion transformed into molecules … The collection is a puzzle of emotions, a concentrate of intimate moments and playfully close to a similar experience that each of us should have had once. The collection … expresses the most intense experiences of ecstasy. A simple yet profound connection to sensibility as a common language…words are not needed, just a trip of the highest feelings. – Mark Buxton

Emotional Drop

140,00  incl. VAT

Spiritual Healing

140,00  incl. VAT

Black Angel

140,00  incl. VAT

Dreaming with Ghosts

140,00  incl. VAT

Wood and Absinthe

140,00  incl. VAT

I Want

155,00  incl. VAT

To Break

155,00  incl. VAT


155,00  incl. VAT

Why not a Cologne

155,00  incl. VAT

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