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What is the scent of the Mediterranean Levant, full of character? And what’s in the air when Atlantic waves hit sandy bluffs in Normandy? At mare we have been dealing with the sea as a cultural space for over 20 years. In this respect, it’s not about producing maritime scents, but more about the question of what smells we perceive when we stand on an island on the Mediterranean or on a cliff in Normandy. “What are these flavors that come together in this moment to form an overwhelming whole?” wonders Nikolaus Gelpke, publisher of mareverlag. The answer: The Ideal Sea Scent is more than just a smell for us. It is a mood, a feeling.

In our mare podcast “Übers Meer” we talked to Geza Schön about his extraordinary fragrance creations, primarily for Molecule 01, consisting of only one component. And we asked him how the sea smells to him, what really makes up the scent of the sea, when and where it might smell different – and how the perfumer approaches a scent. Listen here:




Eau du Levant

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La Plage de Paris

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